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Unlike west weddings, Thai weddings have several rituals and traditions which might be important to all of them. These include the Engagement Tea Ceremony, the proposal ceremony, and the Dam Hoi vietnamese guy dating tips wedding service. They all work for essential steps in the preparation for your wedding.

First, the couple must choose a time frame for their wedding. This usually involves a visit to a fortune teller. The lot of money teller can help determine an auspicious date with regards to wedding. The date will be based upon the couples’ birth days, the zodiac indicators, and other elements.

The next step is for the groom’s relatives to visit the bride’s family. Below they will provide gifts including areca, betel, roasted pig, and wine. They will offer meals, such as grain and fresh vegetables. They will also visit the bride’s parents.

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The groom’s relatives then symbolizes the star of the event with gift items. The bride’s family will present her with jewelry. The woman will wear traditional Vietnamese garments, known as ao dai.

As soon as the bride has received her gifts, her family will welcome the groom’s relatives into the bride’s house. This is considered an indication of respect and honor. Once both families acknowledge, the couple will go through the rest of the engagement process.

The proposal ceremony is regarded as a major section of the preparation for a marriage. It is more important than the wedding party itself. It is just a way to establish a relationship regarding the two the entire family. Additionally, it is a way to get the parents to give information to the adolescent couple.

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Thai Engagement Practices